Create a Legacy of Fighting Hunger

As part of your Estate Planning, you can help ensure that future generations grow up healthy - not hungry - by making a planned gift to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Your legacy gift helps us to secure and distribute food and groceries to those in need, raise public awareness and promote viable solutions to food poverty, now and for years to come.

A legacy gift comes from careful consideration of a number of important factors, including the assets to be used to fund the gift, the gift's timing, effects on income-tax and financial planning, the impact on family members and friends, and the gift's purpose. A legacy gift is best made with the counsel of your legal, tax or financial advisor. The information provided here is for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered investment, legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice.

Bequests and Wills

Please consider adding ACFB as a beneficiary in your will. You may be able to add a simple codicil for a charitable bequest to an existing will.

Here are some common bequest options you can use:

  • Specific bequest: Determine a specific dollar amount or asset that you wish to leave to ACFB.
  • Residual bequest: After you have provided for your loved ones, name “Atlanta Community Food Bank” to receive a percentage or all of your residuary estate.
  • Contingent bequest:  ACFB receives a bequest only in the event of the death of other beneficiaries.

Gifts of Beneficiary Designations

A beneficiary designation is the simplest way to make a legacy gift to ACFB. When you complete your beneficiary designation form, just name “Atlanta Community Food Bank” as a full or partial beneficiary and provide our tax identification number (58-1376648). In addition, these gifts bypass probate and go directly to all beneficiaries.

Here are some common designation options:

  • Retirement plans [e.g., traditional IRA, Keogh, 401(k)]: Including ACFB as a beneficiary enables you to avoid substantial income taxes that would have been due if a retirement plan were left to non-spousal heirs. It is strongly advised that you name “Atlanta Community Food Bank” as a beneficiary of a retirement plan through your designation form and not through your will, which may jeopardize tax benefits.
  • Insurance policies: There are a number of ways you can name ACFB as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, whether through your employer or a separate policy that you hold.
  • Savings accounts: Designating ACFB as a beneficiary of a savings account is simple and allows full use of savings during your life.

Become a member of the Harvest Legacy Society

Members of the Harvest Legacy Society are looking to perpetuate a legacy for ACFB to continue the fight against hunger for years to come. Members periodically receive special updates in addition to being invited to an annual special event. Members are listed in ACFB’s Annual Report if they so choose. If you have already made a planned gift of any size to benefit ACFB, we welcome the opportunity to include you as a member of the Harvest Legacy Society. Please request our simple, confidential reply form or notify the Development office at (404) 892-3333 x1217 so we that we may include you. You will have the option of remaining anonymous publically. 

For more information about all of our planned giving opportunities, contact Planned Giving at or 404.892.FEED (3333) x1217.