What is Education & Outreach?

We are the education arm of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The Food Bank created the very first Hunger 101 Project and curriculum in the early 1990s. Today, many other food banks in the Feeding America network have adopted our Hunger 101 curriculum.

Through workshops, online curricula and other creative tools designed for a variety of age groups, we strive to increase awareness about hunger and poverty on the local, state and national levels. We play an integral role in furthering the Food Bank's mission to fight hunger by engaging, educating and empowering our community.


Our workshops can be adapted for almost any audience. Participants include teachers, youth, college students, K-12 public and private school students, as well as faith, corporate, civic and volunteer groups. Workshops are interactive and free of charge. Workshops can be held at the Food Bank, where participants can tour the facility and gain a better understanding about how the Food Bank addresses hunger in the community, or brought to your school, faith, or work location if you are located within metro-Atlanta. All participants are encouraged to follow up with one action step such as volunteering, organizing a food drive, contacting their senators and representatives, or connecting friends and family to the Food Bank through their social networks. 


The Food Bank started offering hunger education back in the early 1990s with curriculum developed with the help of Emory University's School of Public Health. Since then, our materials have been adapted over the years with the help of Georgia State University's School of Social Work and College of Education. Recently, the Hunger 101 Curriculum for K-12 Instructors was created specifically for teachers in Georgia Public Schools and, with the guidance of a dedicated and compassionate Fayette County educator, were aligned to GPS and Common Core standards for easier integration in the classroom. All of our educational materials, including the curriculum, can be used by most audiences and age groups and navigate beautifully from boardroom to classroom. Check out the Hunger 101 Curriculum, download materials and start educating yourself and your community today!


How do I schedule a workshop?
The first step is to email us with your interest.  You will then be contacted by Food Bank staff within 48 hours to talk with you further about scheduling a workshop.

How far in advance do I need to schedule?
At least 2 weeks notice is preferred, but we do have limited staff available so more notice may be required, especially if you want to schedule on the weekend.

How long does a workshop take?
We ask for an hour and a half for workshops that take place at the Food Bank, which includes a tour of our warehouse.  For workshops in the community, we require a minimum of an hour.

What types of groups participate in the Food Bank's educational programming?
All groups from kids to adults are welcome to participate in workshops. It's for any group that wants to learn more about hunger and food security issues locally, regionally and nationally.

How many people do I need for my workshop?
If we are traveling to you, we require a minimum of 15 participants due to staff availability and resources.  For groups requesting a workshop at the Food Bank, we can work with groups as small as 6-8. To conduct the interactive role-play activity the Community Food Game  a minimum of 20 people are needed.

What are the age requirements?
Kindergarten age to adults.

How much does a workshop cost?
Workshops are free; we do ask that each participant or group agree to a minimum of one hunger fighting action step such as conducting a food drive or volunteering at the Food Bank or one of the 600 partner agencies that receive food from us.

I live outside the metro Atlanta area – can I schedule a workshop in my community?
We welcome people to the Food Bank so you can experience the scale and scope of our work, and we can travel to your school or business if it is in the metro Atlanta area. Download the Hunger 101 Curriculum here

What if I just want my group to tour the Food Bank?
We would be happy to tour your group around our facility on a weekday during our regular business hours. A tour takes approximately 30 minutes. Please email us with your inquiry.

Do you speak to large groups, such as an entire grade level?
Yes, we are available to speak to large groups on hunger and poverty issues. The size and age of the group will inform what topics and format are the best fit.

When can I schedule a workshop? 
You can contact us to schedule a workshop year-round.  We schedule workshops Monday – Friday, and two weekends per month.

I have additional questions.  How do I get more information?
Contact Education and Outreach at or 404.892.FEED (3333) x2009.

Youth Summit

The Youth Summit is a unique multi-day service opportunity for local high school students hosted by ACFB each summer. It includes interactive workshops and service projects with ACFB and other hunger fighting organizations in metro Atlanta. Each year the Youth Summit brings together a diverse group of students from across the metro area who learn about hunger and poverty issues, address hunger in their own communities, earn community service hours, and build new friendships. Each Youth Summit session is limited to 20 students. Each participant agrees to complete at least one hunger fighting action step during the following school year. 

Learn more about the Youth Summit.

Girl Scout Patch Project

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Inc. and the Atlanta Community Food Bank have partnered to develop the Hunger 101 Patch Project for Girl Scout Daisies through Girl Scout Ambassadors. The Hunger 101 Patch Project is a wonderful opportunity for girls to learn about hunger as a contemporary issue.

Learn more about the Girl Scout Patch Project here.