Government policies and programs are critical to ending hunger—but they don’t always make the headlines when political agendas are being discussed. How can we make sure that hunger is on the agenda? By speaking up, early and often, about the urgency of ending food insecurity, and making sure our government leaders understand how public and private, charitable programs work together to help people in need.

The Atlanta Community Food Bank asks you to join us in speaking out against hunger and speaking up for proven, effective policy solutions. Share our social media posts on policy and advocacy issues with your friends. Learn how federal and state food assistance programs are working every day to make sure that people in our country always have enough to eat. Government officials need to hear from you in order to keep ending hunger a priority.

Effective Advocacy

Become an Anti-Hunger Advocate

Quick!  Can you name your state representatives?  How about your Congressional representative? Do you vote in every election? Effective advocacy begins with knowing which person, or unit of government has responsibility for the specific policy or program that you want to affect. When it comes to hunger, every level of government has a role to play. At the Atlanta Community Food Bank, we advocate for specific, hunger-focused policy priorities and we encourage civic engagement among our staff, partner agencies, clients and supporters. As the Food Bank builds a stronger community free of hunger, we need you to help us get there.

As a member of the Feeding America national network, the Food Bank receives news and briefings on vital federal anti-hunger programs directly from its team in Washington, D.C. We also support the policy agenda of the Georgia Food Bank Association, and we work with our fellow food banks on hunger-related issues at the state level. Because our service area includes half of the food-insecure people in our state, we also lobby and conduct independent advocacy for the policy priorities that our Board of Directors has approved to help fulfill our Bold Goal: By 2025, all hungry people in our service area have access to the nutritious meals they need when they need them. 

If you’re not already registered to vote, take that most important step right now.

Find out who your elected officials are while you’re at it.

Policy Priorities

There are too many children, seniors and working families experiencing hunger. To make sure people have access to the nutritious meals they need, when they need them, we’ve got to stay focused. Three policy priorities form the core of our advocacy work at the Food Bank. We hope you’ll familiarize yourself with these important programs so you can help us promote them to government and community leaders. Feel free to download and share these policy briefs with your own elected officials today!

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/Food Stamps)
WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
S-EITC (State Earned Income Tax Credit)

Prefer the Cliff Notes? Click here to see our Policy Priorities.