One of the most powerful assets that any community has in the fight against hunger and poverty is its own voice...your voice!

Advocacy is one of the key components in the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s long-term approach to alleviating hunger in Georgia. Our advocacy work helps connect community voices, issues and stories to elected officials and public policy-makers in the fight against hunger and poverty. The decisions of our elected officials and the policies they implement can either help or hinder the ability of our neighbors to overcome hunger and access the resources they need to strengthen their families. Share your story, add your voice to the conversation, and join us as we advocate for hungry families and individuals across metro Atlanta and north Georgia!

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Policy Priorities

Our 2017 policy priorities include an emphasis on protecting tax provisions that encourage charitable donations; supporting summer meal programs for children; preventing access barriers to public assistance programs for qualified individuals and families; increasing access to healthy food and promoting economic security and opportunity for all Georgians.

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