Help is needed now more than ever.

Demand for emergency food aid is at an all-time high. Our legislators need to hear that serving those in need is a priority now, and you can help us organize support for issues related to hunger, food and poverty in neighborhoods across the state.

You do not need to have experience to be a good champion. Many champions don’t think of themselves as being political. Some have never contacted one of their elected representatives before. If you care about ending hunger, then we can provide you with information and support you need.

We need champions who can:

  • Let us know whether or not you can take action after we email a request (in some districts, champions may get ten requests per year and in some districts, you may only receive one or two).
  • Communicate with legislators soon after committing to an action and share feedback after completion.
  • Inform and inspire legislators. We can help you with this!

If you become a Champion, we will:

  • Ask you to take action through email or by phone when one of your legislators is in a good position to help us support an issue (this is a team of elite advocates, not a mass mailing list).
  • Provide you with information and support to help you craft a high-quality communication to your legislator that is completely unique (no form letters or pre-written postcards).
  • Update you about major developments after you have taken action.
  • Create opportunities for you to develop your skills as an advocate via quarterly Advocacy Champion meetings. During the meetings we will share strategies and develop solutions.

Send an email to or call 404.892.FEED (3333) x1363 to become a hunger champion.