If you are seeking volunteer hours in connection to any court-related matter or if you have been advised or sentenced to perform community service for a misdemeanor or legal violation, you are required to go through a screening and orientation prior to volunteering with the Food Bank.

You are eligible to be a part of our court-related community service program provided you meet the following criteria:

  • You are at least 18 years old. 
  • Your charge is not related to sex, violence, weapon possession or any form of theft.
  • You have been assigned or requested to perform at least 40 hours of service. 
  • You attend a mandatory Community Service Volunteer Orientation prior to serving any of your required hours.  When you report for orientation you must bring proof of your charge, written documentation from the probation officer, counselor, attorney or other official, including phone numbers, fax numbers and other contact information.

The Atlanta Community Food Bank only accepts applicants for Community Service who have a minimum of 40 hours mandated service.
Please pick the upcoming orientation date you wish to attend. Please note that you have not been accepted for the orientation confirmed until a member of our community service management staff emails you to confirm you are officially scheduled. Also, attendance in the orientation does not mean you have been accepted for community service.
In order to qualify to serve mandated community hours at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, you must agree to the following statement. Please note that your assent will be verified with the court that ordered your service.