The Food Bank has an abundance of educational materials and resources that are available for your use.  Please read below to explore all of the options!

If you would like more information on our educational materials after reading about them here, contact Education and Outreach at or 404.892.FEED (3333) x1228.


The Food Bank started offering hunger education back in the early 1990s with curriculum developed with the help of Emory University's School of Public Health. Since then, our materials have been adapted over the years with the help of Georgia State University's School of Social Work and College of Education. Recently, the Hunger 101 Curriculum for K-12 Instructors was created specifically for teachers in Georgia Public Schools and, with the guidance of a dedicated and compassionate Fayette County educator, were aligned to GPS and Common Core standards for easier integration in the classroom. All of our educational materials, including the curriculum, can be used by most audiences and age groups and navigate beautifully from boardroom to classroom. 

Download the curriculum today.

Curriculum Resources

The below resources are included in our full curriculum, but can be downloaded as a separate set for your convenience. Download our Curriculum Resources.

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Additional Activities

The Community Food Experience
Target Age - Community members of all ages

The Community Food Experience simulates the food security challenges faced by millions in our country and explores both the barriers to access and the impact food insecurity has on community health. This activity can be facilitated with groups of 20-50 people ages 12-adult. If you are local, the ACFB Education and Outreach team can facilitate CFE for your group, or you can download and build your own CFE kit. Contact to schedule or with any questions. The simulation takes about 1.5 hours. You can also download a copy of the game here.

Girl Scout Hunger 101 Patch Project
Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Inc. and the Atlanta Community Food Bank have partnered to develop the Hunger 101 Patch Project for Girl Scout Daisies through Girl Scout Ambassadors. The Hunger 101 Patch Project is a wonderful opportunity for girls to learn about hunger as a contemporary issue.  Scouts will be encouraged to take on activities that engage, educate and empower them to address hunger in their community. Learn more about the Girl Scout Patch Project here.

For more information on our educational materials, contact Education and Outreach at or 404.892.FEED (3333) x1228.