The 15th Annual Thanksgiving Dish

One of our favorite days of the year is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving--it’s the day of the annual Thanksgiving Dish!  Anchors and reporters from 11Alive, CBS Atlanta, Fox 5 and WSB-TV, as well as former Braves pitcher John Smoltz, come together for a morning to help prepare over 2,000 meals for people in need.  Today we celebrate our 15th year, and it has become a beloved tradition for us, and for our returning participants.

The morning starts with a light breakfast, and then it’s time to hit the kitchen.  First stop is the green beans station.  Everyone gathered together around the work tables snapping green beans. They go through A LOT of beans and, as they do, the competition between stations is set aside for just a little while and the laughs, playful banter and smiles spread and become infectious to all those in the room. Photos are taken and shared (hopefully with the hashtag #ACFBDish on Twitter). As the green beans are snapped, various participants start to break off to take care of the other tasks at hand--carving turkey and making gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, desserts and more. Trays were assembled with care and loaded up in our trucks to bring back to the Food Bank where they were distributed in the afternoon to preselected agencies across Atlanta.

We appreciate the efforts and support of the Renaissance Waverly Hotel for hosting Dish each year and also Marriott Hotels and Resorts for its continued support.

This event holds a special place in our hearts as it was started by Janice Reece, our Director of Marketing and Communications, who passed away in late July. This was our first Dish without her, and her fiery spirit was sorely missed. This has become, in large part because of Janice, one of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

What Thanksgiving traditions are you thankful for?

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