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Living in the Possibility

I am feeling very encouraged. We recently completed our most successful Hunger Walk/Run, with more than 17,000 participants and a cadre of volunteers and sponsors in attendance. The event was an affirmation of everything we believe in and work for at the Food Bank.  The diversity of faith, business, public, civic and community groups reflected a rainbow of humanity with common values and commitment to make things better for our neighbors in need.  

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Our New Video about ACFB

To try and tell the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s story in a short video is no easy task. The last time we did a video about the Food Bank was in 2007. The video has been shown thousands of times to donors, volunteers, partner agencies, Hunger 101 groups and more. It served us very well for many years, but as we’ve grown, and our story has changed, we knew it was time for a new video. And we’re so excited to share it with you now.

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