#EatLocalATL: Day 1

I woke up as I usually do most Sunday mornings; debating church, excited about football and hungry. When I contemplated a solution to my hunger, a momentary panic ensued. Today was Day 1 of the Eat Local ATL challenge! Not only had I agreed to fully support the challenge in social and print media from a partner standpoint, in a moment of Friday afternoon insanity, I promised the ACFB Social Media/Website Manager I would take the challenge and blog about it this week (Ed. Note: And she is very grateful)! A mental inventory of my current rations revealed the only local items in my possession were a few sweet potatoes, kale, beans, and carrots I got from The Atlanta Mobile Market Produce Market I used for a GA Food Oasis table display on Saturday. Although healthy and local, these items were not my idea of breakfast and most certainly not enough to feed me for 7 days.

In need of some serious reinforcements, I headed out to the Grant Park Farmers Market. Despite a healthy respect for farmers markets and a friendship with the executive director of Community Farmers Market, I still consider myself a market novice. If you’re in a similar boat, I recommend waking up a friend who frequents the market and having them meet you there, or stopping by the market welcome booth. For the most part, I live meal to meal, so planning for 7 days to eat in a specific category with so many vendor choices was a little overwhelming. With the help of my personal market guide, I powered through. Below is my haul. I spent $60.50 on items from Grant Park Farmers Market and $12.50 on items from The Atlanta Mobile Market Produce Market.

In honor of football Sunday, I decided the first meal I would make would be a homage to fan food.

Sunday Football Fan Food (with a local twist) - 4 servings

Beef Burgers ($7/lb) with Frolina Farms Ground Beef

Tomatoes ($1) from Patchwork City Farms

Multigrain Bread ($5.50/loaf) from H&F Bread Company

Baked Sweet Potato Fries ($2) from Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

Corn ($1/4 ears) from my freezer (I purchased these earlier in season.)

I have to admit I “punted” on a few things. I needed fuel for my shopping adventure, so I purchased my first local meal for breakfast from the Farm Burger. It tasted as fabulous as it looks. I didn’t realize until I got home, I had neglected to purchase herbs and spices for my meal. I already had some fresh garlic on hand, but did use regular pepper and salt as well as a few pats of unsalted butter. I found some Naturally Fresh Mango Ginger Vinaigrette in my fridge that I tossed the sweet potatoes in prior to cooking. I figured Naturally Fresh is manufactured here so it’s kind of local, right?

So, clearly my first day has knocked me down to the “Strict” level of the challenge and that is ok with me. I’m excited to see what food adventures the week brings. It’s not too late for you to JOIN ME on the journey. SIGN UP TODAY!

-Cicely Garrett, Food Systems Innovation Manager