Reap what you sow - Community Gardens and Plant a Row for the Hungry

That's a lot of kale!

This kale comes courtesy of Rebecca Flack of Decatur Rec Camp--she and members of the Girls Green Team went out to Decatur High School to help pull their kale and Rebecca was able to drop it off last night here at the Food Bank. How awesome is that?!

Now, gardeners, we will whole heartedly accept donations of the fresh fruit and veggie kind, but have you heard of Plant a Row for the Hungry? Plant a Row is really cool--as the name suggests, plant another row of veggies in your garden and donate the surplus produce to one of the designated drop-off sites throughout metro Atlanta. In turn, the agencies will distribute the food to residents in your own community who need (and will appreciate) it the most. Did you just have a plentiful bounty? Donate some of that! The Food Bank was based on the principle that if you have more than enough, you share with those that who need it most. To date this year, gardeners have donated around 12,333 pounds to Plant a Row which is AMAZING. Don't have a garden? Find a Community Garden! They're great ways to cultivate your own spot and make friends along the way.