Hope for the Holidays, and Beyond

Mary recently experienced a job loss. The single mom received her bachelor’s degree from Morris Brown College last year and is currently in the graduate program with Liberty University. She’s actively seeking a new job and is excited about some promising prospects, but she’s facing financial challenges in the meantime.

A Beacon of Light in Tough Times

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Focusing on the Future Together

I want to take a moment to share with you how grateful I am to serve as the new President and CEO of Atlanta Community Food Bank. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. The challenges and opportunities facing us have never been more exciting. Our future has never looked more promising.

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Happy, Not Hungry, This Summer

This school year, according to the Georgia Department of Education, some 1.1 million children were enrolled to receive free and reduced price meals. When these kids are released for summer break, their parents will be faced with the task of feeding their families without that support.

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Food - The Basic Need that Fosters Our Future

Those in our community who struggle with hunger aren’t always who you think they are. That’s something we say a lot at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, and we see the evidence all around us.

“Hunger in America 2014,” a new study released by Feeding America, shows that 46.5 million people in the U.S are served each year by its nationwide network of 200 food banks, including the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB). Those served include 12 million children and 7 million seniors. That comes out to 1 in 7 Americans who turn to food banks each year for assistance.

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Do Facts Count Anymore?

I recently attended a reception and was introduced to a civic leader in the community.  When she learned that I was the executive director of the Food Bank, she looked me in the eye and said she doesn’t like to support people who use food stamps because they buy things she views as unhealthy.  When asked for examples, she mentioned soft drinks, snack food, beer and cigarettes.

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